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Happy 2013 from!
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Before we close out the month of January, we want to wish our gymnastics friends a safe, happy, and injury-free New Year! Thanks for your continued patronage — it’s very much appreciated!  And we’ll look forward to serving you at (our primary site)

Your friends at Musical Designs

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New Song: King of the Faeries
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Hi everybody! We’re happy to say that our newest song was released last week: it’s called “King of the Faeries”. It’s an energetic version of a traditional Irish folk tune. There are a couple of slower parts in it, too, which makes the tempo contrast great for a floor routine. It turned out to be right at 1:30, so we’ll plan to do a short version at some point (contact us if you need one right away, OK?)

Please visit our Song List page at and listen to the demo for free.

Thanks for your interest in our floor music!
Your friends at Musical Designs

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Happy 4th of July!
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Through, Musical Designs wants to wish everybody a safe, happy and relaxing 4th of July weekend!  And we also want to thank A Kids Heart for providing the above graphic.




P.S. With summer in full swing, we invite our gymnastics friends to visit and download the featured demos for July:  “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Duel”.  Happy listening!

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Shawn Johnson: 2009 champ on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
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Shawn: We heartily congratulate you for competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and for WINNING!  You were awesome, and we’re very happy for you!  



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Season’s Greetings!
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Merry Christmas from Musical Designs!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

And to our friends who celebrate Hannakah,
we wish you a Happy Chanukah!

Happy Hannakuh

Happy Hannakuh

* * * * May the close of 2008 be a blessed one for everybody! * * * *

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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Musical Designs :)

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How to find floor music
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One of the most exciting things about being an optional gymnast is that you can finally show off your best skills by competing routines that are especially designed for YOU. Yay! :)

About finding floor music, don’t worry, there’s a ton of floor music available if you know where to look. Here are some tips that will help you along the way:


Check with your coach to see how long the song should be. If you’re competing in Women’s Artistic or Rhythmic Gymnastics, the maximum length for a floor routine is 1:30. Younger gymnasts who are just starting out in the optional levels will usually compete with floor music that’s between 1:10-1:20 in length. Gymnasts in the higher levels have more skills to compete, and they tend to choose music in the 1:25-1:30 range. Gymnasts who compete as Novice Optionals or who are involved in other state-regulated gymnastics programs can have their own floor music length requirements, so this is why it’s a good idea to ask your coach.


What kind of music does your daughter like? It’s important that she compete with floor music that complements her musical style and/or dance ability. Some gymnasts are more graceful, others are more powerful. In addition to style preferences, it’s also a good idea to factor in the age of the gymnast, because there are some really CUTE songs that are perfect for younger gymnasts. On the flip side, there are some great dramatic-sounding songs that appeal to older, more mature gymnasts. Whatever style you’re looking for, keep in mind that most gymnasts will compete with the same floor music song for 2 years (although this will vary from gym to gym). No matter how long the gymnast keeps her floor music, it’s important for the music to fit her personality and to support her growth as an athlete so she can compete the best routine possible.


This method will give you the most choices. Using Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN, or whatever search engine you want, type in search words such as “gymnastics floor music”, “floor music”, “gymnastic music”, “floor routine music”, etc. (you get the idea).

From there, you can visit any number of sites. You can choose from the sites listed under the “Sponsor Results” or “Sponsored Links” section or you can scroll through the sites that come up in the natural listings. We recommend looking in both places even though you’ll probably notice a good many duplications (this is normal).

Most floor music companies have online demos available so you can hear what each song sounds like. Some of these demos are free; others can be downloaded for a nominal price. In addition, a lot of floor music companies also sell demo CDs of their songs; demo CDs have anywhere from 25 tracks to as many as 40 tracks for you to preview. Expect to pay around $5 (give or take) for a demo CD. However you preview your floor music, it’s important that you listen to the song before you purchase it, and be sure to have your coach hear it, too, to give you final approval.

If you’re looking for a specific song, rather than searching for gymnastics floor music in general, try typing in the name of the song you’re interested in, followed by the words “floor music” or “gymnastics music”, and see what comes up.


If you hear floor music that you like, whether it’s at a meet or at the gym, don’t be shy! Ask the gymnast where she got her music … she’ll probably be happy to share that info with you. Coaches and choreographers are also great resources for floor music.


Try contacting the floor music companies directly. Many of them will be happy to produce a floor routine song for you. There may be an additional cost for this type of service – if there is, the price will vary from company to company.

floor routine

Good luck in your floor music search!

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Wanted: 48-hour days!
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I knew this would happen eventually … I just didn’t want it to happen so soon. I’m talking about my blogging regularity (obviously, blogging irregularity is the more accurate term). *sheepish smile* I’m sorry everybody! As a blogger, I definitely need a lot of improvement (gee, ya think?), but from a non-blogging perspective, I’ve had a very productive last couple of months:

First of all, let me say that as the owner of Musical Designs, I am very appreciative of the positive support I receive from customers. With today’s economy being as crazy as it is, your continued business is humbling: I am grateful.

Thanks for your continued business!

About our floor music: I’m happy to announce that we now have short versions available for many of our songs. Yay! A complete list of our floor music, including the latest short version releases, can be found here: list. We’ve also added a couple of new discounts.

In addition to running Musical Designs, I’ve also been plugging away with my post-wedding list of things to do. About the only big thing left is for me to get the wedding ceremony DVD duplicated. The church provided us with a complimentary DVD of the ceremony (which was absolutely beautiful btw), and the reason it’s taken me this long to get copies made is that I kind of want to add a menu to it. Nothing fancy, just something to help people jump to certain scenes. Unfortunately I don’t have DVD authoring software, so I’ve been checking around with other places to see what kinds of authoring options there are and what the prices would be. Based on what I’ve found out, it looks like we’ll end up duplicating the DVD as is. Whatever happens, I’d like to get this done in plenty of time for Christmas so the newlyweds can have lots of DVDs on hand to give to family and friends. -:)

So between now and Christmas, if anybody out there can tell me how to squish 48 hours into a regular 24-hour day, I would love to know! *lol*

P.S., I’ll continue to blog just as I’ve been doing … a.k.a. whenever I have some time … thanks for your patronage and your understanding!

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Music: the universal language
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We can all relate to music - it ties us together no matter where we’re from or how old we are.  Whether we sing it, play it, write it, or just listen to it, music is an integral part of our lives no matter what we’re doing or what line of work we’re in: sports, recreation, TV/movies, fashion, weddings, religion, driving, shopping … and the list goes on.  When we set up this blog to be about both music and gymnastics, we knew we’d never run out of great material.  True, words like ’beam’, ‘scale, & ’score’ will mean different things depending on who’s reading this, but even so, musicians and gymnasts have a LOT in common! -:)

  • Both start out learning basic fundamentals.  From there, hard work and commitment are needed to develop and perfect skills. 
  • Gymnasts know how to stay focused to achieve their goals.  So do musicians. 
  • Gymnasts have meets and exhibitions; musicians have competitions, too.  And lots of recitals and concerts.
  • Gymnasts have coaches and choreographers.  Musicians have teachers and directors.  Hey, remember hearing them tell you that practice makes perfect?  Well this is a good saying too: ”perfect practice makes perfect”.  

So to all you gymnasts and musicians out there who are perfectly practicing, we have this to say: find your groove, stay tight, & watch your balance!

Watch your balance!

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Floor Music at the 2008 Olympics
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OK, let me first say congratulations to all of the gymnasts who competed in Beijing.  What an accomplishment after years & years of hard work … way to go!!  I’m especially thrilled that Nastia won gold in the All-Around and that Shawn won gold on the Beam.  All very exciting -:)

NBC’s coverage of the gymnastics was great on one hand yet left me wanting more on the other.  Sure, I was happy to watch gymnastics on TV each night, regardless of whether it was the men or women competing.  And it was nice to see some coverage of the trampoline, too, but hey - what about rhythmic gymnastics?  I didn’t see any of the rhythmic competitions; the only time I knew they were even there was when they were briefly mentioned during the gymnastics gala.  So yeah, I wish that would have been covered differently.  Same with synchonized swimming … I wanted to see that sport, too, but never did.  Bummer!

Oh, & kind of along those same lines is that I also wish NBC would have shown gymnasts from all of the particpating countries, not just the USA and the other top-placing countries all the time.  That kind of coverage could have been achieved during the preliminaries or something.  Oh well - nobody ever asks for my input for these types of events.  *lol*

Anyway, from what I DID see and hear, I was very happy to observe how MUSICAL the floor music was … great use of orchestra and orchestral instruments!  *am very happy*

I’ve gotten a number of e-mails from people asking specifics about the Olympic floor music.  Here’s what I can tell you about a few of the gymnasts:

  • Nastia Liukin:  “Variations on Dark Eyes” (from Lara St. John’s CD called Gypsy) 
  • Shawn Johnson:  A medley of music from the movie August Rush (great movie btw)
  • Anna Pavlova:  Music from “Exodus” (performed & recorded by Maksim Mrvica)
  • Yang Ylin: “Bolero” from Moulin Rouge
  • Yekaterina Kramarenko: “Leyenda” by Vanessa Mae.  Hey, there were vocals all throughout this song, yet no deduction was given!  What’s up with that?  The thing is, the ah’s that we could all clearly hear were not in the original recording.  I have this recording by Vanessa Mae and while there are some male vocals in it, there aren’t any female vocals (at least not all throughout the song like that).  So why they were added is a mystery to me – the music would have been just fine without them.  But more to the point, why didn’t the judges give a deduction?  And why wasn’t anything mentioned about it by the commentators?  Strange!!

I’m also very familiar with the “Bolero” piece that Yang Ylin used.  It’s almost 7 minutes long, & pretty much the whole thing is instrumental, except for there’s a male vocal singing “ah” for about 5 seconds towards the end.  I heard just the beginning of that “ah” in the cut Yang Ylin competed with.  OK, a split second of an “ah” is one thing, but a whole 1:30 is quite another!  I took a look at the official Code of Points just to make sure they didn’t change that rule, and they didn’t.  It clearly says that floor music is to be ”without singing”, and that a 1-point deduction is given if the gymnast competes with no music or competes with “music with voice (song)”.

No Vocals!

Oh well!  On the upside, I can happily say that I finally understand the new scoring system.  Whew!  I’ve been struggling with the whole scoring thing ever since it first came out, and I’m proud to say that I was able to grasp the concept at last.  So contrary to what others might think about my abilities, obviously it IS possible for this old dog to learn new tricks.  *hahaha*

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